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About the Artist

I paint. I perform. I’m a goof.
I laugh like a crazy lady.

That was going to be my whole bio, but my friends advised me to elaborate further.

I was born in Massachusetts in October of 1977. One of my sister’s friends once exclaimed (with great shock), “Omigod — you were born in the 1970’s? Do you feel, like, totally old?” I don’t feel, like, totally old. And I don’t like young whippersnappers who ask asinine questions.

During my fragile and formative years, my family was broke. We were homeless for a while. We lived in a tent in Wareham, MA. My sister, Danielle, and I just thought we were on a super-extended camping trip.

My father, Joseph Charbonneau, is an artist. He taught me how to draw what I see. Then, he told me to draw whatever I want. He said it didn’t matter if it was real or imaginary, or scary, or silly. Best teacher ever.

I had my first art opening when I was nine years old. My art teacher, Mrs. Downs, submitted my watercolor for a show in Woods Hole. There were crackers and sparkling cider. Several adults called my work, “sensitive.” It was fascinating.

I studied at Emerson College in Boston and received my BFA in Performing Arts.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1999. I designed and constructed masks, puppets and costumes for various theater companies in Hollywood.

My work has shown at the Bluebird Art House in Whittier. I’ll be having another show there in September of 2004. More details on that coming soon.

I’ve been named the NoHoArt District’s Artist of the Month. You can catch me at the NoHo Arts Festival 2004 on May 15 th & 16 th. I’ll be doing a 10’ x 10’ sidewalk chalk mural on the street. Very “stilo italiano”. Just look for the painting, performing, goofy gal who laughs like a crazy lady.

Explanations can sometimes make art less hypnotic and less dangerous. It’s a feast. Not all of it is vitamin-enriched spinach. Sometimes it’s a Twinkie covered in Pixy Sticks with a side shot of Vodka. Some people may find that revolting. Others (including myself) think of it as exciting. It’s risky. It’s thrilling. Go ahead. Be bold. Fill up your plate.”

- Nicole Charbonneau

Additional Links

Visit Nicole's weblog Nikki Noodle and read about her day to day goings on!

When she isn't painting or keeping busy at her Satisfying Day Job, Nicole writes, films and performs original material with her Boston-rooted comedy troupe and production company, Mighty McPilgrim. Check out their website for cartoons and film clips!

You can find images of Nicole's work on NoHo Arts

Contact Nicole

Phone: (818) 613-9747

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